CNC cutting & welding automation

MCM | 5-axis portable CNC cutting & welding machines

MCM configuration available:

  • Automatic Oxy-fuel cutting kit (recommended) or plasma
  • Automatic MCM SAW welding (recommended) or GMAW/FCAW/MCAW
  • Standard working range [WxL]: 1000 x 2200 mm or 1200 x 4000 mm


Main applications

MCM main applications are cutting & welding of door frames for wind towers and nozzles for pressure vessels.

MCM works on convex, concave or flat (option) surfaces or on pipes, tanks and special conical shaped tubular structures. It can be fixed inside or outside of the work-piece.

Fully portable system

MCM machines could work inside the workpiece (tower / tank / vessel) – fixed directly – or on the outside of the workpiece, fixed directly or with additional fixture.

MCM welding & cutting automation - system overview 2

User friendly software

Simple and user friendly MCM’s control system does not require any CNC programming nor costly operators’ training.

CNC program is generated automatically after initial input of data available on the drawing or obtained from individual door frame scan.


Extremely accurate
weld preparation

The MCM machines enable automatic oxy-fuel or plasma cutting/beveling and welding in one set up of MCM work-station.

Typical T butt joint
design for SAW welding

MCM maintains constant bevel width with automatic adjustment of beveling angle.

MCM welding & cutting automation - system overview 1

Typical T butt joints
design for SAW welding

MCM maintains constant bevel width with automatic adjustment of beveling angle.

The MCM provides accurate and consistent root gap, root face, bevel angle and perfect quality cut.


Automatic MCM SAW welding

MCM machines are available with single wire SAW (recommended) or FCAW welding head and operates with various welding power sources.

If needed, MCM allows manual or semi-automatic adjustment of torch position during welding process.

Perfect repeatability and unmatched efficiency

All subsequent welding operations (either automatic or by hand) are much easier and faster due to precise welding joint preparation. MCM SAW welding practically eliminates weld defects.

MCM speeds up production and also substantially reduces costly over welding and decreases filler metal usage (welding consumables costs).

Compared to robotics solutions MCM system does not require:

  • CNC programming or highly skilled operator,
  • optical seam tracking which stands for higher investment costs (without tracking any robot is blind),
  • costly automatic flux handling equipment.

In compare to manual process of cutting & MAG welding of typical door frame 1x3m (tower plate thickness from #30mm to #48mm ), MCM will decrease production time to 3-4 shifts and it’s One-man operation.

Please navigate to MCM’s product page for additional information, video and detailed technical specification.