HD-CUT Coolant Family

There are many products available in the HD-CUT range engineered for use in a great number of industrial metalworking applications. Non-corrosive with excellent rust protection, biodegradable coolants offer superior cooling properties and produce outstanding tool life and cut finish. They are also easy to clean-up.

HD-CUT OIL 1 – tapping, drilling and machining fluid

Features and benefits:

  • extreme pressure full oil for cutting, boring, beveling, high thickness stamping, punching, works on stainless steels all nature, threading, machining, precision and high thickness boring, drawing and profiling of all high thicknesses kinds of steels
  • complex oily composition for all operations on hard-to-machine metals such as acid resistant or stainless steel, where seizing and wear quickly happen
  • builds high superficial tension film to extend the life of tools and reduce their replacement interval
  • significantly facilitates machining and increases its precision
  • excellent product for manual working
  • deposition on the tools with a brush or with an oil-can
  • easy to remove using standard methods
  • thick dark oil

weight 0.5 kg or 1.0 kg or 5.0 kg
product codes:
OLJ-0505-09-00-00-0 (0.5 kg)
OLJ-0505-10-00-00-0 (1.0 kg)
OLJ-0505-11-00-00-0 (5.0 kg)

HD-CUT BIO – concentrated micro emulsion for various machining applications

Features and benefits:

  • concentrated ecofriendly micro emulsion for various machining and shavings removal operations
  • suitable for coolant systems for e.g. drills, bandsaws or CNC machines
  • provides effective protection against corrosion for parts, tools, and machines to be diluted with water
  • recommended mix ratio of 25-30 parts water to 1 part concentrate
  • reduce consumption dramatically compared to usual emulsions
  • formulated with high molecular weight based-polyester and high viscosity index allowing a high thermal stability and outstanding lubricant qualities
  • high flash point reducing fumes
  • bio-degradable

net volume 1000 ml
product code: CHL-0440-42-00-00-0

HD-CUT Spray – tapping, drilling and machining – multi-position spray

Features and benefits:

  • multi-position spray for drilling, tapping and beveling
  • recommended especially for out of position works
  • for hard-to-machine metals such as acid resistant or stainless steel
  • provides strong and efficient protection of tools, pieces and machineries against corrosion
  • water based fluid made of vegetal polymer having outstanding lubricating properties
  • ready-to-use (not need to be diluted)
  • free from any petroleum-based solvent
  • less fumes and smell in comparison to usual products
  • nonflammable
  • bio-degradable lubricant
  • white foaming gel
  • no odour

aerosol 650 ml / net volume 400 ml
product code: PRE-0440-41-00-00-0

HD-CLEAN SPRAY – multi-purpose industrial degreaser

Features and benefits:

  • perfect industrial cleaner for metal machining
  • provides elimination of greases, oils, sludge and other chemical or petroleum based fluids
  • perfectly suitable for all degreasing operations on all kinds of mechanical parts
  • non-flammable
  • biodegradable

aerosol 650 ml / net volume 400 ml
product code: ZMY-0440-40-00-00-0