PPCM | Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

PPCM 650

The CNC controlled Pipe Profile Cutting Machine allows to cut and bevel pipes. PPCM can do pipe OD from 50 to 650 mm and pipe length up to 12.000 mm by oxy-fuel or plasma. User friendly software allows quick understanding and efficient use of PPCM machines after a short training. NC data file transfer to PPCM from CAD/CAM software available as option.

Oxy-fuel or plasma cutting
Pipe OD
50 - 650 mm
Pipe lenght
up to 12 m

CAD / CAM connection

Promotech is able to offer its customers a simple way of generating the CNC code necessary to cut complex pipe intersection shapes with the Lantek Flex3d Tubes software. With the system, engineers are to import CAD geometry, design tubes using a set of standard shapes, or construct them from 2D outlines and generate them with any type of contour projected through the tube. This technology increases the capabilities of engineers using Promotech’s machinery and enhance the flexibility of the machine itself.

PPCM CAD / CAM connection – read more here

Lantek Automatic Nesting system

Lantek automatic nesting system determines the most efficient position of elements to be cut from pipes, thus minimizing waste of material.

PPCM powered by Lantek (Nesting) allows:

  • ensures minimal material waste
  • facilitating managing the warehouse of pipes
  • shortening the time of pipe positioning

Features and benefits

Plasma cutting
Typical and customized pipe joints preparation
Optimal cutting angles and torch paths calculated by the PPCM control system ensures extremely accurate weld preparation
Additional heavy-duty supports for long-length pipes
Oxy-fuel cutting
Advanced design and top quality components enable fast and efficient cutting with top quality results

Demo video

PPCM Plasma Cutting
Pipe Profile Cutting Machine


Technical specification

  • Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

    Pipe OD diameter:
    50 ÷ 650 [mm]
    Max. pipe length:
    6.000 [mm] with optional extension of track up to 9 or 12 [m]
    Max. through spindle diameter:
    Φ130 [mm]
    Cutting method:
    Oxy-fuel cutting (ACETYLENE)
    Oxy-fuel cutting (PROPANE)
    or Plasma
    Admissible ambient temperature:
    5 ÷ +50 [°C]
    Machine length for 6 or 12 meter pipe lengths:
    9.100 [mm] or 14.010 [mm]
    Machine width:
    2.683 [mm]
    Machine height:
    2.180 [mm]
    Fixed height main drive:
    Opening and closing:
    Manual with self-centering 3 jaw chuck
    Wall thickness at 45° cutting angle:
    3 - 45 [mm]
    Minimal pipe length upon cutting at 0°:
    390 [mm]
    Cutting length accuracy (one side cut):
    +/- 1.5 [mm]
    Bevel accuracy:
    +/- 2 [°]
    Torch tilting accuracy:
    +/- 0.5 [°]
    Main drive rotation accuracy:
    +/- 0.25 [°]
    Pipe support:
    2 pcs., max. load 2[T]/each; additional supports available on request
    Vertical oval compensation mechanism:
    Reference laser pointer:
    Menu language:
    English; other languages to be agreed
    Fume exhaust system:
    Power supply:
    3~ 400 V ±10% + PE + N, 50/60 Hz ±4% 12 [kVA]
    Transfer of NC data from Tekla Structures:
    Pipe OD diameter
    Max. pipe length
    Max. through spindle diameter
    Cutting method
    Admissible ambient temperature
    Machine length for 6 or 12 meter pipe lengths
    Machine width
    Machine height
    Fixed height main drive
    Opening and closing
    Wall thickness at 45° cutting angle
    Minimal pipe length upon cutting at 0°
    Cutting length accuracy (one side cut)
    Bevel accuracy
    Torch tilting accuracy
    Main drive rotation accuracy
    Pipe support
    Vertical oval compensation mechanism
    Reference laser pointer
    Menu language
    Fume exhaust system
    Power supply
    Transfer of NC data from Tekla Structures

Integrated library of macros