Vacuum Pad for Mag Drills

Vacuum Pad for Mag Drills

Vacuum pad is a special type of clamping device for compact mag drills. It enables magnetic drilling
machines to effectively operate on non-ferrous materials, where it is impossible to fit the magnetic base of a drill directly to the workpiece.


Allows drilling in stainless steel, aluminum and thin plates
Min workpiece thickness 5 mm
Versatile surface compatibility
Powered by vacuum supply or compressed air supply

Key features

Vacuum Pad for Mag Drills

The vacuum pad provides the ability to drill on non-magnetic or thin surfaces and materials with certain surface imperfections. It is intended for use with stainless steel, aluminum and thin carbon steel plates. Depending on the requirements and operating conditions, the pad can be powered by vacuum supply or compressed air supply.

Superior features of Promotech Vacuum Pad

• enables drilling in flat non-ferrous materials
• for use with Promotech mag drill models: PRO-36, PRO-40, PRO-51
• includes 2-meter pump connection hose
• 2 possible configurations: – vacuum supply (standard) – compressed air supply (optional)

Set with portable vacuum pump

Portable vacuum pump with safety reservoir – ideal solution for working together with vacuum pad

Vacuum Pad for Mag Drills

  • AGR-0541-10-20-00-0 for 230 V
  • AGR-0541-10-10-00-0 for 115 V with UK plug

Set with compressed air ejector
Optional configuration – compressed air supply- Optional compressed air ejector generates a vacuum thanks to high flow speed of air according to the Bernoulli principle. The vacuum pad equipped with the compressed air ejector can be an effective solution in numerous industrial plants and workshops, where compressed air pipe system is widely utilized.

Vacuum Pad for Mag Drills

Compressed air ejector – ZSP-0587-11-00-00-0

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Vacuum Pad for mag drills is compatible with:

Technical specification - Vacuum Supply

Indicatore pressione *-0.8 bar (-11.5 psig)
connessioneAttacco rapido DN 7.2
Capacità4 m3/h (141 ft3/h)
Forza di tenuta
(alla pressione di -0,8 bar / -11,5 psig)
4800 N (0 m sopra il livello del mare)
3800 N (1500 m sopra il livello del mare)
Spessore minimo del pezzo5 mm
Diminuizione della profondità di foratura40 mm (1-9/16")
Dimensioni488 mm x 214 mm x 107 mm
19-3/16" x 8-7/16" x 4-3/16"
Lunghezza tubo alimentazione2 m (6.5 ft)
Temperatura ambiente richiesta1-40°C (34-104°F)
Peso7.5 kg (16.5lbs)
Codice prodottoPDS-0587-10-00-00-0

Technical specification - Compressed Air Supply

Alimentazione6 bar (87 psi)
ConnessioneAttacco rapido DN 7.2
Consumo aria4 m³/h (141 ft³/h)
Lunghezza tubo alimentazione2 m (6.5 ft)
Forza di tenuta
a pressione manometrica di –0.8 bar / –11.5 psig)
4800 N (0 m sopra il livello del mare)
3800 N (1500 m sopra il livello del mare)
Temperatura ambiente richiesta1-40°C (34-104°F)
Peso0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
Diametro dell’estensione del tubo (se necessaria8 mm
Lunghezza massima totale del tubo (incluso l’estensione del tubo10 m

Equipment configurations
Using vacuum pad results in decreasing regular depth of cut by 40 mm. Maximum depth of cut depends on configuration in use.

taglio con fresa
50 mm estensione + espulsore

Annular cutter 50 mm extension – Product code: PRD-000004 (requires pilot pin – see table)

Codice prodottoEspulsore
lunghezza [mm]
Tipo di fresa a coronaLunghezza
fresa [mm]
Diamtero foro
PLT-000020127HSS - Φ 6,34 mm espulsore2512–50
PLT-000023153HSS - Φ 6,34 mm espulsore5012–50
PLT-000021140TCT - Φ 6,34 mm espulsore3512–17
PLT-000022145TCT - Φ 7,98 mm espulsore3518–50
PLT-000023153TCT - Φ 6,34 mm espulsore5012–17
PLT-000025160TCT - Φ 7,98 mm espulsore5018–50