Gantry Welding System type WA 1000 / WA 1500

WA 1000 / WA 1500

Automatic longitudinal welding with joint tracking system for structural beams types H, I, T, L, HKS, HSQ and tapered. It includes mechanical automated seam tracking system and is suitable for SAW / GMAW welding process. WA 1000 / WA 1500 allows to program the welding sequence and welding parameters in automatic cycle.


Key features

Primary features and benefits:

  • Automatic fillet and butt welding with joint tracking
  • Multipass welding
  • One-man operation
  • Reduction of costly over-welding and decrease of filler metal usage
  • User friendly interface – multiple languages
  • Accepts most of welding MIG-MAG power sources

Automatic longitudinal top quality MIG-MAG welding of long structural Box beams and H, I, T, HKS, HSQ. Single or multi-pass automatic fillet/butt welding with mechanical-electro joint tracking system. Minimized welding defect&reduced non-productive time and it’s One-man operation!

Beam rotator & positioner as well as H-beam hydraulic assembly work-station for fitting and tacking are available as option.

Technical specification

GWS type WA 1000 and WA 1500
Length of track / welding 13m / 12m
Upon request 19m+
Max workpiece height WA 1000 / WA 15001m (39.4”) / 1.5m (60”)
Max welding speedUp to 1 m/min solid wire
Possibility to implement additional functionality
e.g. welding length, intermittent welds
Welding power sources
up to 90kg (198 lbs)/each
Possibility of changing welding parameters
during welding process “on the fly
Fume extraction system (recommended)Recommended option for operator safety

Longitudinal welding of structural beams with web in vertical or horizontal positions

GMAW or SAW welding

Purpose designed and custom built versions to be agreed

5 numerically controlled axes with mechanical tracking system

Active compensation of position of both torches with regards to the welding seam

Allows programing of the welding sequence and welding parameters in automatic cycle


Make sure you are familiar with Gantry Welding System type WA 1000 / WA 1500 brochure including technical data and detailed information about this product. Should you have any further questions we encourage you to send us an enquiry.

GWS type WA work-station applications confirmed with customers in automotive and steel construction business:

GWS type WA 1000 Integrated LORCH S8

GWS type WA 1500 Integrated LINCOLN ELECTRIC PW500 S

GWS type WA 1000 Integrated EWM Phoenix

GWS type WA 1000 Integrated KEMPPI FASTMIG X 450

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Manual H-beam assembly work-station

  • Web height min. 200 mm
  • Web height max. 1000 mm
  • Flange min. 150 mm
  • Length up to 12 m

Beam rotator & positioner (available also as integrated to GWS type WA work-station)

  • Max workpiece height: 650 mm / 1000 mm
  • Flipping capacity: 4T / 5T
  • Working height: 50 mm